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story seet in current England


There was a story about a guy who became a baron and made a lot of money. He found very deep corruption in Cumbria and other places. The story was pretty close to ending but stopped suddenly.


The story is Tycoon by Raven Soule

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Thanks! do you have any idea what happened to the author? I'm afraid he is no longer with us..


He had/has cancer. His last blog entry was Jan. 2014, so it may have beaten him.

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Its one of those times when you have to be ready to let your imagination fill in the rest of the story for the writer. Hopefully its possible from the rest of the story. I know its not as good as the writer's but at least that way the gift can still be enjoyed. Its the risk we as readers also take that one or more of the writers working on stories we enjoy might not be able to finish due to real life situations and health can be a major factor.


Yes.. some of my favorite authors here have left us. Daghda Jim for instance.


i know we lose writers for sad reasons but i also wished we could be told from a reliable source that yes the writer has died or just quit with no intent on returning.

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Problem with getting notice of their deaths is that many of their families don't know about their writing. And if they do know some just don't care it seems. I have only seen one where the son mentioned it in the writer's blog on sol. That notice has been lost I believe. His pen name was the "GoldenMage" Definitely lost notification. Probably some kind of time out on the blog post duration. Maybe someone can place a note in his profile since those notices tend to stick. I don't know the actual date however and its been a few years now.

An added note in the profile seems to stick however. I have seen at least one notice there as well, forget the writer's name however.

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