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MC story. Opening scene is where this normal guy encounters a mind control man getting a bj in a cafe/diner. The man turns decides to unlock the normal guys latent powers since he was able to see past the mental block. Formerly normal guy gets trained. Goes to Vegas to get some money. Gets fucked up by the Vegas 'Don'. Finds out he was used as a pawn between regional MC bosses. Encounters a power stronger than them.


Politics Of The Mind by GoldenMage


I was about to re-read it myself :D

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thanks jvoi2 it was a good read, but not the story I was looking for...

Harold Wilson

I think that's Amissum Codex by A.Acer Custos:


The whole "boss of vegas" thing rings a bell.

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@Harold Wilson

That's it!! The story has been popping up in my mind for the longest time before I even realized to use this forum.
Thank you very much Harold Wilson!!

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