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Story set in Colonial India


Not sure this is a SOL story. Young Englishman is discharged from army in India and takes on a job training troops for one of the rajas. After a number of years retires to Kenya and starts a cattle farm inside a crater. May fight Germans there at time of Great War.


While in India he gets sent back to England to get rifles made in Birmingham to replace the old type muskets.
Read this a couple of years ago - it's a great story - I thought it was one of Argons but he didn't write it. I'll keep thinking about it.

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Definitely the right story. A detail I forgot but is on the money, thanks.


I'm not in a place where I can look, but check katzmarek's page.

(Editing) Now I'm back home I can see that https://storiesonline.net/s/40964/ostafrika is not the story you are looking for.


That's the one, thanks for the help.

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I started reading the story but I don't know if I can finish it. I'm wondering if the author used voice to text software that was truly awful or English is his second language but the number of mistakes is very high.

If you can plow through the mistakes the story seems good.


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If you can plow through the mistakes the story seems good.

It happens a lot on SOL. It's a frequent subject in the Story Discussion forum. I started a thread on this very subject recently. (different story - same problem)



I've started reading it again as it was such a good yarn but I'm copying and pasting it in to wordpad and correcting it as I go.
Probably take a few days, but I'll send it to the author when I've finished and see if he wants do anything with it.

Harold Wilson

I just read it, and it's a tremendous story. A little pollyanna at the end, but still up there.

The shame of it is that it isn't on SOL. It's filed under "Mature" over there, which makes no sense, and there's really no search capability that would have let me find it. Only seeing the link here connected me to it.

Yes, the "has/as" and "off/of" substitutions are irritating. But the structure is good, the premise is good, the characters are diverse, if not fleshed out. A good read for anyone who likes Argon's British Empire tales.

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