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I recall reading some years ago, about a group of teens that embark on fishing trips out of Florida but can't find it. Any help is appreciated.

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Capt. Zapp


Do you have any more details? Story type? Plot? Character names?


I think they were two pairs of cousins and it was a multiple chapter story and possibly even a serial but that's about it


Might be a couple of Dark Vision's stories, "Lady Guinevere" and "The Lottery" come to mind. They're about different families, but get brought together in "Unique Adventures". "Lady Guinevere" does involve cousins taking a boat trip out of Florida. The first two were serials completed in 2005, the last was started in 2006, incomplete, nothing posted since 2011.


Siath had a set of stories variously named Atlantis Rising and Earth Base Alpha, which were about a group of teens that were out in the Atlantic when the boat they were on exploded, and an alien starbase located on the ocean bottom close by rescues them and places them in charge.


Lady Guinevere is the story, many thanks

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