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Lost - Teen with female B-lister


A teen (15-17 I think) rescues some people from a fire. He's on a talk show with 2 people from the fire (girl he saved and the coward bully that she loves that ran from the fire). Also on the talk show is an older B-list actress (I think she was black, and maybe in her 30's or so). She and the MC end up having a fling.

Read this awhile ago. It might have been through ASSTR. I can't remember any of the title. I think the author had a number of stories with a younger male and older female, but that's a guess.

Thanks in advance.

Replies:   John Demille
John Demille


Five Minutes and Forever by Ann Douglas

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@John Demille

Many thanks, that was it. Had some details a bit off, but I had enough right. I'm always amazed that the community here can remember so much, considering how much is out there.

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