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I'm looking for a story similar to Battlemage 2


The author had just started posting and I only got to read a few chapters. It started out similarly to Battlemage Nonetheless; as a man betrayed goes through a magic doorway in our world and comes out in another world with amazing abilities. If my recollector is functioning properly, at some point early in the story, he's on a ship preparing to battle another group. That's as far as the story was posted before I lost track of it.
Thanks for any assistance.

Replies:   GITW


Outlander by sirreadsalot10

Replies:   Wheezer

probably not what you are looking for but could it be The Heroes of Iron City by Bartleby T ?

I'm not sure I've read Battlemage but just like in your description the author had just started posting it; the MC use a portal to switch worlds, and just before the writer stopped posting he was preparing for a battle...



Outlander by sirreadsalot10

Very good story, but never completed. :(


It does indeed look to be Outlander.Thanks GITW. A shame it wasn't completed.

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