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I'm looking for a Post Apocalypse story


I'm looking for a Post Apocalypse story, can't remember much, but I believe that there was some sort of meteor storm that lasted for a week or some other event that lasted a week, afterwards the wild life began to mutate if I remember rightly.

I hope you can help me, the story came up on a search here, but nothing I do, allow me to find it again.

No zombies in the story


Could be the Great Death series.


Replies:   Crumbly Writer

Reading it now and no change in animals, but only on chapter 8. I remember the summary saying that whatever happened lasted a week. But than again I could be wrong, but I do remember something about the animals changing.


Found the story, the info I remembered was within the first chapter, but it was also a story I wasn't planning to read either as it was mainly telling instead of showing you the story. I mean that the writer tells you that people talked to each other, instead of showing them talking to each other, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, here is the story I was after:


I think its this one by acolodude:

His page is:


It seems to me that post-apocalypse stories should involve posts, like army posts, say Fort Bliss. I am not sure what an apoca is, maybe its a word in Spanish? Lypse are lips, can be part of a mouth or in a more x-rated place. So authors can write about either or both sets of lips doing something Spanish on an army base. Probably Fort Bliss since it is near El Paso which is near Mexico where they speak Spanish.

Ernest Bywater

do you mean the post apocalypse stories are not about major catastrophes occurring while setting fencing posts in the ground? Damn, I thought it would be about what happens when hammering a post into a an old bomb in the ground, or something similar.

Replies:   BlinkReader

@Ernest Bywater

I thought it would be about what happens when hammering a post into a an old bomb in the ground...

Old bombs (and all other explosive devices to be precise) tend to be very loud when found :D

Replies:   AmigaClone


There were two liberty ships that went off with a bang causing the Chicago Port disaster and Texas City disaster.

There is a third one (SS Richard Montgomery) that has 1500 short tons of ammunition inside it's wreck.

Crumbly Writer


Could be the Great Death series.

Definitely not The Great Death, as the virus mutates, not the animals and humans themselves. Also, the plague lasts for much longer than a week.


could be giants in a sandbox by zoras

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