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I have truly lost a story... or 2.

N Latimer

I have a fairly extensive story collection in my online library... but not as extensive as it once was. I have been looking for a story and I am not sure it is even on SOL. It might have been from asstr or some other smaller site.

The basic plot of the first one, is that a mans friend visits him and convinces the man that with a simple tool/pump he can enlarge the size of his penis. He also convinces the man to let him stretch out his wife so that it doesn't cause her pain. It's more in depth then that, but that is the basic rundown.

The second story is what would be called a stroke story about a wife that falls for her brother-in-law 2 nights in a row after an argument with her husband.

I have a third story I am looking for too, but I have not given up on that one yet.

Any help would be appreciated :) :)

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