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Does anyone know what happened to Deenara2000? I just reread 'Werewolves Return', and noticed that at the end was a blurb for a follow-up story. But no existence on SOL or ASSTR can be found.

Ernest Bywater

She's alive and well, just have a few Muse issues.


Oh Yes I'm alive! or at least I think I am. Let me check. I have a pulse, check, my hair is turning grey, unhappy check, visiting family, super fun check, Muse to tell me what to write? I think it ran for the hills and hasn't looked back yet. still working on stuff but it's slow going. Sorry

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In other words like the majority here it seems. We are getting older.



That's okay. As long as you are still alive there is hope the she might find her way back home.

Glad to hear that you are still here, we have lost too many to age, illness, and the Grim Reaper.

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