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looking for a story, Probably read it on literotica, title might be "Awakening", can't recollect


The story starts with a family of Vampires on a ship traveling to Newyork. Before they reach the shore, the children go into heat and sex follows. Once they reach the shore, they join some academy of sorts. They learn more about their abilities, vampire history etc. Then some sort of war breaks out and finally the good vampires win the war with some help. It was around 20 chapters long. There were some historical Greek/Roman figures like Galen etc in story.




Okay, thanks. Is the title "awakening" though? I don't remember the exact title.

Replies:   robberhands


I can't remember the title either. It was posted in the incest section though, and with vampires as the main characters it should have been pretty easy to find there.


Definitely correct about the title. It's very good too if IRC.

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