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a guy wins the british lottery,divorces cheating wife.then starts collecting a harem of women that want to be his slaves,employees etc' all while someone is trying to kill him.then he maries a french countess & moves to france to her dads castle.all the while still collecting women with the help of his fiance..

the story is unfinished.

anyone know if the author is still alive ?????

any info would be great

Replies:   geo1951

I believe you are looking for "Tycoon" by Raven Soule. It is an unfinished story about a guy who wins the British lottery and gets a harem. I have no information about the author however.



last I emailed her she was having a rough time with illnesses, plural. Her daughter message that she was not certain on coming back to writing.

I like 'Tycoon' also. It is hard for her to reply usually.

She has her ASSTR.org web site where a current update on that may be.

18 Aug 2017 I tried her email and it was not working. Her other Website was not updated either. I know she had not been feeling well and that was a few years ago. I think she is like 50 only but has had it rough health wise.




thankyou both for your help

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