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Mind control story


Hi, I'm looking for a story about mind control.

It's about a guy who hack his sister's twitter (or facebook, myspace, things like that) account.

He post fake news like 'Hi, I just had an orgy last night TMF' to mess with her. The problem is everyone respond like 'whoa so cool, I' ll like to try'.

Seeing it doesn't work to ruin her reputation he goes farther and farther and even use photoshop to create pictures of his sister with atrocious tattoos. But everyone still love it.

It's only when he came home from college (or it's his sister who came back) he realizes all he wrote came true.

There even is a second part where the whole family turns into freaks who fuck each other and his other sister discovers what he did and add her own thing to the account.

If you know what the story is, thank you to let me know.

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