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Okay. I've helped people here in the past, find stories they could not remember. So, I figure why not use it to get help to remember the story you forgot about?

The story was an alien sends me back to caveman times story. But this one involved a red drug administered via hypodermic needle and would cause victim to lose all inhibitions and imprint their need of sexual satisfaction on the person who injects then.

Just can't seem to remember what story it was. Been driving me crazy for about a week or so.

All help appreciated!


I thought it was John & Argent, but no. It was a similar story and a xxx & me type of title - I believe the alien's name begins with L (memory like a goldfish - sorry)

Regards G_R

Ernest Bywater

you may want to check these 2

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@Ernest Bywater

Yes! Thank you Ernest! I was wracking my brain for the last week or so before I even posted the question. I knew it wasn't Steve and Kemon even though I do like that story a lot but I was reading it and remembering there was supposed to be something about the red drug making people fuck like animals.

It was like a bad song getting stuck in your head.

Hell, I feel so much better. Mike and Malok it is.

Thanks again Ernest, and the the forces of evil always become confused and give up on the way to your home.

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Ernest Bywater

Once Grandad said the name was something like John and Argent I ran a couple of searches for stories with a name like that format and only found two with the right categories. I was ready for bed and too tired to read them, so I gave you both names in the hopes one would be it. Just an experienced detective at work.



I was editor for mcguy101 on that. I had an email in March saying he was dealing with health issues, but hoped to return.

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