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old one


Divorced guy with a kid is saved by a rich women. Her ex is a lawyer who still a friend. Runs background check on the mc with his help. Mc hates cooking but is super duper good at it. I remember some lines when he makes a cheesecake and everyone hears the MOOO of a cow.The women and her friends teach the mc to dance and take him on practice dates. They all fall in love with him, except one, I think.

Any clue ?

Maybe it was on lit


Thank you LIMAB. That's the one I was looking for.

Unfortunately you are right, its incomplete.

but what can one do, too many authors are moody.

Ernest Bywater


but what can one do, too many authors are moody.

(joke alert)

send them a copy of Mellow Yellow.

(end joke alert)



Castlestone died.

Someone else did in fact finish it, but the feel was not quite the same. Unfortunately my link is mired on the disk of a now dead PC.



mellow yellow...... Haha (whisper "did anyone else get that one") I'm smart,Honest. I really am.

Thanks @MarissaHorne
At least it kills the curiosity, can finally untangle that part of my brain.

JC_the_continuer is even worse.

Or better, depends on how you look at it.

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