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Story about older man & younger girl


Tale about older man and young girl.story was just on new page top, first story. Can anyone help?

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Ernest Bywater

The New Stories list goes back several days, and the first I can find, of many, with that mix is


it would help if you have more info about the plot or people.

StarFleet Carl

The most recent NEW story I can think of is:

By Old Man with a Pen


Could also be Illegal, Illicit, and Intoxicating by Renpet. About a relationship between grandfather and granddaughter posted a little over a week ago so would no longer be in the new stories list.



It's unfinished, but 'Yaz' by Marketeer qualifies.


In 'Craft Faire Love' by Dr. Paco Jones the girls are teens, but I think it still fits.


Also, if it was the very first story, then it was a random selection of one of the stories that had been posted before. I don't know if there is any record kept of which story is posted there when, since it changes every few hours.

awnlee jawking


I seem to recall one of Clee Hill's 'Simon and Trudi' stories being chosen as the random story, but that would have been top of the home page, not the new stories page.


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