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Help to find story name or author


Looking to find the story where two brothers clear some old cabin to build a new home for one, his wife and two kids. Set surrounded in a national forest with dirt roads and life in a tent. One brother used to be wealthy. This story might have been deleted on SOL, can't seen to find it using advanced search. Any name or author would help.


I do not think it was ever on SOL but on ASSTR. http://www.asstr.org/~792x57/Arrons_Chronicles_1.htm
be warned it is a very underage story


Thank you Ian181, Not sure if asstr is working but that must be it.

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Capt. Zapp


Pretty sure that's the one you are looking for. There are actually 3 parts on ASSTR. The writer indicated at least one additional was written but I haven't had any luck locating it.

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@Capt. Zapp

Thanks C Z also. If I locate Ch 4 I'll post here

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