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Dad meets daughter in chat room


Ok - I don't have the title, or the author, or the names of the characters.

Here's the basic setup:

1. Dad and Daughter use a chat room. Daughter figures out it's her dad, and after consulting with her friends starts up a sexual relationship with Dad.

2. There's a day to the local swimming pool where the girls are hanging on the Dad, and some lady remarks what a great dad he is.

3. At home, Dad is exhausted from work/drinking during his daughter's slumber party. He's in bed, one of his daughter's friends comes in, he mistakes her for his daughter and has sex and she gets pregnant.

4. In the end, he's going to adopt the girl's child and everything seems ok, and he gets another message from one of the other girls.

The only line I can really recall is when the girl is in Dad's bedroom with the line:

"Daddy?" GIRL'S NAME crooed.

Anyway. That's all I got. I remember bookmarking it and I can't seem to find it anymore. Any tips?

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Bondi Beach


Dancing in the Dark, by Renpet, perhaps.



Sadly - no. But thanks for the attempt!

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