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Marooned family


Looking for a story abt a well to do family and nanny for the teenaged son. They were all onboard a plane that crashed at sea. washed up onshore of a deserted isle. Mom is in & out of consciousness, due to head injury during the crash. Nanny becomes pregnant by the son. Dad is killed while climbing a cliff. Don't know if I read it here or elsewhere.


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awnlee jawking


Can't remember the name or the author but, if it's the one I'm thinking of (son eventually has sex with Mom too), then it was definitely on SOL.

Good luck with finding it.



Might be New Society, New Rules by Switch Blayde



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Switch Blayde


Might be New Society, New Rules by Switch Blayde

Definitely. :)



Awesome! That is it, read it just after it came out and didn't save it. Been wanting to reread it for a while now. Thanx again!!

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