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Oh, for Pete's sake!


This is the Lost Stories forum. It is assumed that you are looking for a lost story if you start a thread here. Try to use your feeble imagination just a little bit and come up with a slightly more descriptive subject title than "lost story!" Good grief...

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So, judging by your title you are looking for a story or author with the name Pete, correct?

Well, there's a few stories that could fit the bill.

How about Graybird's "Pasyaten Pete"? https://storiesonline.net/a/Graybyrd

Or for a bit lighter reading I could recommend "Peter, June and the Whatevers!" by Denham Forrest https://storiesonline.net/a/Denham_Forrest

And from what I can gather, despite it's unfinished state, "Pete, A Young Man's Story" by Magi seems to have quite a few fans https://storiesonline.net/a/Magi

Of course there's still the classics like Peter Pan and the Gospel of Peter.


Yeah, it is a bit tedious to see the same title over and over again, but then again not everyone is as good at condensing information into ~140 characters as the current American president.


Then there is Repeat.

Replies:   Crumbly Writer

Or perhaps App for a Puppeteer ?

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awnlee jawking


Pete's ache? Did he have blue balls?



Silly post, of course people are going to write lost story. They have no identifier for what the name of the story is, otherwise they will write half a sentence or some obscure shit like BIG DICK BANGS SISTER. It's just easier to write lost story and then have what it is in the post itself.

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or some obscure shit like BIG DICK BANGS SISTER.

Would that be a scat story? Or just an incest tale starring a tall guy named Richard ?


Let's hope this topic peters out quickly

awnlee jawking


Or just an incest tale starring a tall guy named Richard ?

I can make an educated guess at the author :(


Crumbly Writer


Then there is Repeat.

Pete and Repeat, the probate brothers?

Crumbly Writer


Or just an incest tale starring a tall guy named Richard ?

Generally, 'big' implies broad, not tall and skinny.



Absolutely agree. Come on, folks--you could at least try.

My two lost story posts (so far) were headed Parachuted into wrong country, which I suspect was enough even without any message body for some to identify the story for me, and UK based tale, UK author, which at least gave some idea of what I was looking for.

It would be sooo helpful if a few more more posters could post "MC fucks five year-old twin sisters" or whatever so we had some idea of which posts we would, or need not, bother to read.

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