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I posted this about a year ago and no one could find it, but I figured I'd try again.

Before the story started there had been a war between men and women, and the only survivors were these kids that landed on another planet.

At some point I remember someone being exiled using a spaceship.

My main issue is that I don't even remember what site it was on, so I can't really use google to find it.


Divided by Hatred, by Loki925

Harold Wilson

Divided by Hatred, as mentioned by JBMead.

Synopsis: What would happen if the War between the Sexes were carried to extremes? Here we see the total destruction of a planet, but there are a few child survivors who now inhabit the planet's moon. Somehow the children conquer their fears and learn to live together in harmony. But then a few adult survivors also arrive.


Thank you!

That's the one.

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