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Post Apocalypse Mindcontrol Fae


I read this stories once on this website on a post apocalypse/apocalypse setting, with the FAE/FAIRY/elf invading earth, and with their magic Technology was banish.

The story follow this kid who just recently have his father kill cause the fae/fairy like to come to earth to hunt.

In a stroke of luck he actually kill one of the fae and the fae did a ritual of power and mind transferal BUT it backfire and the kid get the knowledge and power of the fae.

So he use it to enslave a newly fae female hunter.

blah blah the story end with the Kid realize that the fae was just a branch of human that forgotten it past and he banish them by using a magical staff power

yes it have sex


Power and the Price

Replies:   decoynow


That is the one the first one thanks, And do you have any other story like the first one?

Also do you have the premium account or do you just read everything and remember it


do you just read everything and remember it

Unfortunately I don't remember as much as I'd like, which is why I have a lot of bookmarks and hang out in these forums.

As for other stories like that one, I have no recommendations, except that you read more of what that author has written.

Crumbly Writer

Actually, decoynow, your request sounds similar to my next story, The Demons Within, which included Faeries (more sinister than the generic Disney fairies) along with Demons, Dragons and devils, although the faeries don't play as big of a role until the second book Speaking With Your Demons.

In the two stories (not yet posted to SOL) these creatures are invisible and torment humans, and only one man can see them. He then launches a one-man crusade to 'save humanity' from these otherworldly creatures.

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