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Lost story hopefully


The story is about a mother who has to go to her oldest son who is rich because her husband has died. Husband left money for his wife and twin daughter who go through all the money and demand more. The oldest son was ignored so he hold a grudge against his parents and wants nothing to do with his former life. Thats about it i can't remember where i read it any help will be appreciated

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Crap: I know this story and can damn near recite the entire plot. The problem is being an old, Dumb-ass Texan, I cannot remember the title. I know it is/was on this site and by an author with several other good stories.

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If it is the story I am thinking of the son comes home for the funeral and will reading. The mother and daughter receive all the money and he winds up with the family home. Things go downhill from there as the mother (I think) tries to gain access to the house to get things to sell after she has run through her money. the police are then called. This may not be the one you are looking for as I can think of several others that might fit your request.

Ernest Bywater

A lot of this plot story is similar to aspects of

except the person who dies is the grandfather of the main character. But I'm not sure if that's the story you're after, due to differences.

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If i remember correctly he makes his mother take off her clothes in his office. And he is just a bitter guy the whole time like a major asshole thats about all i remember


@meangene: I'm pretty sure that what you are describing is Thunder and Lightening (not a typo) by Lazlo Zalezac.

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@Ernest Bywater

It was the uncle and not the grandfather that died.



I'm pretty sure that Thunder and Lightening is not the story he wants.

Main character is a bitter guy caused by abuse from his mother and his wife.

No inheritance that I can remember.



By John C Douuglas




Is this it?

Hard Times by Chowhound99

Charles, at 17 was booted by his father. Now 4 1/2 years later he returns to attend the funeral for the man whom he called father. His mother begs him to stay, she emphasizes the need for someone to 'control' the family, meaning her and his two stepsisters, 14 and 15.

It was last updated on 6/27/2005.

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