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Lost magical gender switch story


I've been low key obsessed with a story a read years ago on the nifty archive. It was removed from there and I never saved a copy. I also was never able to find it elsewhere. I hope someone knows where I can find this story.

Please note that none of these names are right. They are ones I made up so I don't keep repeating descriptions. This takes place over roughly 10-12 parts. I am just going to hit major plot points and not the transitional development stuff or the most of the sex.

Starts out with our protagonist Andy, a male teenage in his Junior year of high school. He's in a committed relationship with Beth. That summer his parents move across town to a different high school, which puts a strain on their relationship, and she breaks up with Andy.

Andy goes to a party in a funk when he meets goth girl Donna who tells him he needs some perspective. He wakes up the next morning with the body of a girl. After a bad day coming to grips with the situation and realizing why Beth broke up with him (she needed the social aspect of a boyfriend, not just dates and sex), Andy has a harrowing adventure getting clothes at the mall when he sees Donna.

It is revealed that Andy actually has the ability to change back and forth between male and female, as does Donna. After some shifting fun times, Donna reveals she goes to Andy's new school.

Andy returns home and tells all to his parents and the fact he wants to try living as both a man and a woman. With his parents faking a separation, he's going to spend a week at his old school as a male and a week at his new school as a woman.

I am going to summarize each storyline separately because I don't remember how they interweave until they come back together.

At his old school, he reunites with Donna, who reveals that over the summer she aquired a boy toy named Frank who happens to be bisexual. He is welcomed as an added side bonus to the couple,until eventually accepted as someone they both love. Andy reveals his power and double life to the pair who after a bit of a freak out accepts them.

Over at her new school, girl Andy is an immediate social hit. She uses her influence to help Donna get a better social standing. Early on she goes on a blind double date with the friend of a minor girl character's boyfriend, who falls for the friend over the course of the date. The original boyfriend, Chris, becomes girl Andy's new boyfriend. Not to long before a big dance, Andy reveals his secret to Chris, who freaks out, lashes out verbally and runs. After consulting with best girl friend Donna, she points out you can use the power to tweak your appearance and heal injuries (this plot point might have been earlier). She invited Andy to the dance as a slight older male goth version of himself, where they make a big splash. Chris comes back apologetic, and the two get back together.

Merging the two plots together now, the five of them go to hang out together at Andy's house and become friends, playing Guitar Hero together. It is now winter break and it is revealed that Frank is from a rich family and everyone goes on a skiing vacation.

After fun times both on the slopes and in the bedroom Frank get critically injured saving a little girl. After a bit of Frank dying in the hospital, Donna is able to give Frank the ability to transform, while Andy wills to change and heal. Great rejoicing and explanation to Frank's parents later, they have more fun times with three people with fluid genders and one fixed man and one fixed woman.

After some 'what about after high school' anxiety, Frank's dad pulls some strings and they all go to school in New York living in a multi-million penthouse.

This leads into the final part, a story about how they all eventually went their separate ways. That part is mostly a blank to me.

I hope someone know what I am talking about. Thanks who anyone who does, and thanks for anyone who took the time to read this.

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