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Aliens obtaining human host stories


Hi all,
I've really been enjoying these stories as of late. Does anybody know of some good ones that I may not have heard of? So far, I love Island Mine by Refusenik, Unknown Visitors by Crumbly Writer, and the Evolution Trilogy by Misguided Child.
Now that I think of it, if there are any similar stories that have elements of The Catelist series, I'd also like that.

Replies:   ustourist

I remember one about a meteorite coming through the window into a teen age boy's bedroom that was really an AI type entity. I don't remember much else, and it's four am so I am going back to bed!



Try Human: Phoenix and Human Man by Refusenik.

A different concept to Island Mine, but still alien hosting to an extent, and an excellent read.


That's the one I was thinking of. Thanks.


Try Some Kind of Hero by Sea-Life



Unknown visitors is actually titled Stranded. I looked it up and will start reading.


I am wondering if the story you are thinking about is "Rise of the Phoenix" by Guyver.

Not sure if it was finished or not, but it can be found on Apache's Adult Story Page. Not sure if the copy and paste will work but I found it doing a google search as well: http://webpages.charter.net/chiefuscg/author-list.htm

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