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Looking for a sci Fi story.


All I know for sure is that someone who is alone on their space ship gets a distress signal and finds a wrecked ship with some royal women and a lot of treasure on board. One of the woman insists on becoming her rescuers slave. Any help is appreciated!


Sounds like a Ka Hmnd tale. If he hasn't written it yet, maybe he will in the future.

Dominions Son


Sounds like Scout by Warlord.



Definitely sounds like Scout. A shame it is unfinished. It was one of the first stories I started reading here when it was still being posted.



Could also be Colin of House Hadden by Duke of Ramus.



I thought I'd read this one but couldn't remember it, however I eventually stumbled across the story I was thinking of and found it wasn't quite as good a match as I thought. The link below is a search link, so will not use a download, just give you the blurb for the one I was thinking of, Colt45's Finder's Fee

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