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I am looking for a story about a brother with 4 sisters I think he had a set of twins in the family.

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can you give a bit more detail?
How long ago did you see it, was it a romance, sex story, adventure, incest, or what.
Any names come to mind, or a location?

Ernest Bywater

In DW's Eyes he has two sets of twins for sister, but they come into the story later and aren't mentioned in the blurb. Soon after the start he gets involved with the girl next-door who was blinded in a car accident. Later they get hit by a car, and her eye-sight returns. While he's in hospital his friends learn about his sisters, because 1 pair of the twins works there.


Chuck, a young electrical engineer, finds a deal on a house. An answer to his long term plans for his future. The house becomes surprise deal and comes with some fantastic benefits. A slow to start romance that evolves into lot's of sexy and often romantic fun.

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