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Lost fantasy story.


Protagonist is a young male. He is trained to use a single sword but it never felt right to him. He is introduced to a style using 2 swords, he find this is "right" for him. I cannot for the life of me remember anything else if this story but it popped into my head while reading another story and it wont go away.

Thanks in advance


Try Apprentice Tramaine by Rotedrachen. Here is the link to the author's story listing on SOL: https://storiesonline.net/a/Rotedrachen.


Similar is "Sea King" by Colt45. It is about a man who is trained to fight with 2 swords and his rise to power.



I no that in this series that when he becomes the Prince of
the Rose he finds that he needs both swords...

Hope this is the one


Thanks all. The one i couldnt remember was "aprentice tremaine".

I do enjoy the "sea king" series, have read them all at least once a year since ive been about. (Those and the mayhem series from colt45 also brilliant)

Seanski, thank you for reminding me of "the thief of the roses" a series i have read a number of times but i had forgotten them. Im going to start them again now.

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