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lost fantasy type story


So the main character is heading to some place where the elite warriors are trained. He has a unique fighting style that uses a short sword in one hand and something like a dagger in the other. The dagger thing is longer then a normal dagger and has something at the bottom of the blade that he uses to trap his opponents swords when he blocks with it. The main thing he does is block the swords like that and onces he traps the opponents blade he uses his sword to brake the trapped blade. So the first part of the story is him travelling to the place but along the way pirates attack the ship and he joins the pirates and claims two girls (who one or both might be related to him in someway don't remember) to protect them. He eventually leaves the pirates and goes to the place to train where you find out more avout his unique fighting style. I don't remember much past when he arrives there. Not sure if I finished the story or not. I hope someone can help me find what I am looking for.


You're looking for Sea King by Colt45



The main character has just finished training at an elite school. The story is the first in a series of three, the others being "Shasta's Tale" and "The Pursuit of Knowledge" in that order.
Argon's https://storiesonline.net/s/72279/the-tales-of-tanitsar is in a very similar vein.


Thanks for all the help =)

Crumbly Writer

As a quick digression (hoping it doesn't take over the entire discussion) but while the TV Show "Lost" was on, I had a recurring fantasy that it would be forever Lost.

Does that count as "Lost Fantasy type story"? The story, of course, would involve all the multiple ways the characters on the TV show would die horrible deaths, thus ending the crapping series.

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