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Back To The Stoneage - Again x2


Two stories I'm thinking of.

1) a MC that met the locals with flashing lights and honking horns and wowed 'em with hoopla and lots of BS.

2) (maybe the same story?) the MC had a bunch of mechanical parts and was able to create a compound where they had apartment building(s), running water, a sewer and a wind generator on a tall log tower. Had a revolt of the natives and the MC snuck back into the compound through the sewer, rescued the women, killed the antagonists and then moved the entire community south to a more benign climate.

Thanks for helping my memories.

Replies:   BlinkReader


For your story (because both parts are for the the same story if I'm correct) look at "I was modern caveman" from A Acer Custos

For many similar stories just take a look at author CMSIX :D

Replies:   NC-Retired


That's the one! Thanks BR.

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