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2 lost stories along male dominant lines


Looking for 2 stories
In the first story a teenage boy witnesses and accident and is next to a man when he passes away. The man transfers his powers to the boy. The boy then fucks his mother, sister and others. If you know of a story similar to this one then please let me know what it is.

In the second story, a mechanic has his way with a lot of women and girls (maybe). The word mechanic is not in the title, because the 4 hits I got off the advanced search weren't it.

Thanks for the help

Replies:   Dominions Son  joyR  Nizzgrrl
Dominions Son


The only story I know of that matches your description for the second story is not on SOL.

Cheerleaders' Rape and Torture

A group of cheerleaders gets lost in a backwoods area and their vehicle breaks down. The owner of an auto repair shop finds them after hours, lures them back to his garage on the pretense of fixing their vehicle and then he abducts them and turns them into sex slaves for himself and a couple of friends.



For the 1st, try "As Unbelievable As A Dream" by Caesar



Look at The Purvv's and sourdough's Ahead from the Past. It may be the answer to your first story request.



Thanks you joyR, that was the story that I was looking for. Thanks for the other responses as well. I am still looking for the second story, so any help or suggestions about where to look would be much appreciated.

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