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1) A story set in England in modern times. The MC's wife starts divorce proceedings and tries to have him kicked out of the family home, but the house is owned by his parents. Her new guy runs a gym she the Mc starts his own gym. The MC is ex-navy and has a run in with the daughter of a NCO he had kicked out of the Navy.

2) Set in the US MC is a businessman and has managed to build a very successful company. His wife tries take the company from him via divorce. After divorce goes through his children take his wife's side to get his money. The only problem is the company is owned by his mother.

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#2. Except for the fact that the story takes place in Australia, this sounds like 'The Gold Digger' by Tajod. Unfortunately, his stuff is no longer on SOL.

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2) Set in the US MC

Uncle Sam's Misguided Children?

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Set in the US, the MC.....



It could be. I remember it wasn't set in the UK (very few stories are).

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