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sad hero


i read a short story a while back where the hero was considered creepy. he had no friends and never was involved in anything. he stopped an assualt on a woman at work and the police checked into him. he had been to prison for murdering his wife and children. his family turned against him believing he did it. he later rescued a woman from a fire at their apartment complex and then sat and let himself burn. the police checked his apartment and found letters from his mother where his brother had confessed on his deathbed to murdering his family. he had never opened the letters. the last line was the police oficer saying "a better question is when did he die." because he hadnt really been living ever since.

i would like to reread this but i cant remember enough to find it.... despite how well i remember the story line lol.


Here it is:



Replies:   guyver2010


That was it! Thank you.

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