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painful memory


I'm remembering just a SMALL detail of the story and need your helpful assistance to put an end to that memory that run around in my mind ...

I think it's in a do-over kind of story but I'm not sure ...

here's the detail that run around in my mind (and is painful) a sister go to a date with a guy, he gets grabby while she don't want and she ends kicking him in the balls so hard a piece of his foreskin is ripped by her shoe (or his zipper) and is used by the police to confirm it was attempted rape

I've read so many stories in that category that I just can't go over every one of them, could someone tell me which one it is ?




anyone ?

please (makes his best puppy eyes)


It sounds vaguely familiar, but I couldn't find it. Do you remember any other details?

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sadly not :(

Crumbly Writer


It sounds vaguely familiar, but I couldn't find it. Do you remember any other details?

Sadly, "foreskin", "shoe" and "zipper" aren't very precise search terms. :(


I think I recall a little more, the sister tells the MC (the one with the do over) her date with a guy and she tell him what happened when her date became grabby, the MC wants to do something (I don't remember if he did) and then we learn of the bit of foreskin ripped off the grabby guy's dick ...

I think I recall something similar in twice lucky (except there the sister exploded one of the guy's balls) but it's not that one (I'm almost positive on that)


It could be "Sandcastles" by Night Shade. Not sister but kinda stepdaughter is raped and then kicks the guy hard enough to do major damage. Later they find foreskin inside her to confirm rape. Mother of the girl asks her boyfriend to help teach her daughter more pleasurable sex.


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it's quite probably the right one as I recall reading that story

thanks a lot


Here's a SOL link to "Sandcastles."



Thanks for bringing this one up. I was glad to re-read it.

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