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Finding two stories


Hey guys. Looking for a couple of stories I read a long time ago. I can remember a ton of plot, nothing on character or titles though. Yay for my brain.

First one is about an author who won a Pulitzer or a Nobel prize for literature in college and it messed up his ability to write. He falls in love with a girl who either works at or owns a bookstore. The guy had a brother who writes cheap paperback romance novels. The title of that one I think was the name of the guy's book.

The second one was about a guy who was a slave or indentured servant in a sci-fi/fantasy setting. He was working in a mine and learned he was the special snowflake and uses earth magic to escape capture with another slave guy. He ends up running away from evil corrupt mage leaders. I think the magic system had to do with colors and elements or something.

I don't remember if either of these books were ever finished. Or maybe I dreamed them up and they don't exist.


You did not dream those I remember reading reading both stories on SOL but can not remember titles or author.I hope someone can help because they were good stories.


I think the second one is https://storiesonline.net/s/63711/elemental by Etherealism


Well at least the first one is complete,https://storiesonline.net/s/50816/a-bettered-life by Michael Lindren


Thanks Ian, You are the best.

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