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Not so much lost as seeking


I'm looking for Dom/sub stories featuring a younger male as the Dom. Preferably with him topping older females and there being an aspect of reluctance at first. Hopefully longer stories as I find the build-up to full control fun

awnlee jawking


Such a scenario plays a role in 'The Benefits of Friends' by Memory Heap and the early part of the 'My Journey' series by Xalir.




Try 'Peterbeater'. He has a few that fall into this category.


Here are several that I've found:

Growing Up A Master by MWTB

This author has several others that match.

Another, incomplete (and most likely never will e finished) is I Feel Lucky by cmsix.

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Growing Up A Master by MWTB

This author has several others that match.

It's been many years since I've read anything by MWTB, and my tastes have changed, so I don't know that I'd enjoy them as much.

That said, he's a very good writer, and his stories hold up well to examination; he's spent a lot of time thinking about how these types of relationships need to work to be successful, long term. His Doms are properly concerned about the needs of the Sub, and where the lines are drawn with each Sub they are dealing with; they aren't heartless dominators, they genuinly care about their Subs. His Doms and Subs are involved in mutually beneficial relationships. A very pleasant change from some of the literature in this sub-genre.

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