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Lost story.


I hope you guys can help. I read a story about a family of mother, son and two daughters getting snowed in at a motel. Son ends up as master to all the females in his family as well as the mother and daughter who run the motel.


The story you are looking for is 'Winter Wonderland' by Sir Winston. Unfortunately, it is no longer on SOL, and doesn't appear to be on ASSTR either, at least under that name. IIRC he has a website, but I can't recall the name and don't have time right now to search for it.

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Ernest Bywater


The story you are looking for is 'Winter Wonderland' by Sir Winston.

Haven't checked to see if it's there, but he now has his own site and can be cotnacted via it:

If my memory serves me right, he had his books removed from SoL for doing the old bait and switch by posting part of a story and then directing readers to his site. He did it once, got removed, appealed, reinstated, then did it again and has been banned since.


Several chapters are listed on Apache's site. But as for how current they are is a big guess. I have no idea when the story and author lists were updated. For current files I would go with the site given my Ernest. Just I can't afford pay sites so I will pass that one up.

Replies:   Ernest Bywater
Ernest Bywater


pay sites so I will pass that one up.

It's not a pay site, per se, but an e-book sales site - he's selling the books. I've not read his stuff, but it gets asked about enough I have the site linked to help people out when they ask about his Talosian series.



The Apache site has what appears to be all 13 chapters of Winter Wonderland, posted between late May and early June, 2008.

I wonder if anyone here knows what happened to Apache?

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