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lost story survivors in an alien planet?


One of the recommendations thread prompted me to remember this story about a group of children (pairs of twins) that were placed there by aliens to see how they would grow and develop. The twins are paired sexually (so I suppose its incest). The first event is the death of the first twin that was placed too early by herself. This leaves the second twin to mourn her death and becomes embittered without his twin mate (who later kidnaps someone's daughter to take as his mate). The main character is another twin pair, who later discovers some ESP like powers in some rock. He becomes a leader of sort but has to abandon his peers because gets into conflict with another twin pair. And so the story goes with him developing technologies in this untamed wild planet.

I think the first book is monogamous with his twin mate but turns into harem in the second book? I think that's where I stopped reading. For the life of me I can't remember the title nor any of the names. Anyone remembers this?


What you're looking for is the "A Planet is..." series by Scotland-the-Brave:

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That's the one! Thanks a bunch.

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Don't over look the rest of his stories. Each one is well worth reading in my opinion. Although it does take at least one to catch a reader's interest.

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I agree. I might continue where I last left off. At the time I was reading the Planet series, I had gotten tired of most stories in storiesonline turning into harem and so I kinda DNF when this story developed into harem too. Now that I'm off my kilter, I'll continue to see how the Planet series continues.

The author's Surviving series seems more interesting. I might pick that up instead.

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