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Looking for a story


I read it a while back and am not sure if it was on this site or asstr. The story was a about a girl, when she is in her early teens, losing her sight and gradually gaining an ESP/another sense over a period of time. She also set up a gold mining company as she could sense and follow the gold veins. Also had inherited a big estate and had some bodyguards. Was shot at by rivals.


By the late Vlfouquet:



Thank you.


Thank you Wheezer. I had read that he had health issues but did not know he had passed. Another great author that we have lost. He will be missed

Gene Younger
(the reader gyounger NOT the author Gyounger,tho I wish)


He's dead, no need to dig through old threads, just check his profile:

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He's dead, no need to dig through old threads, just check his profile:

Thanks. I knew I read it somewhere. I just forgot where.


He has one book for sale on Amazon: 'The Chronicles of Abigail Silverlock'.

I also found out that he died in 1990. The source I found didn't say what of.

Edit: That is not accurate. When I was looking up Virgil Lee Fuqua III, I ran across a heritage site entry for Virgil Lee Fuqua that listed his year of death as 1990. I did not notice that this was the original, and not the III. I assume it was either a grandfather or father of our Virgil Lee Fuqua III.

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Obituary For: Virgil L. Fuqua III


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