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I'm sure I read it here ... but where ?


after loosing all my bookmarks in a computer crash I'm still looking for a story that IIRC is the ESP pendent of "Stone Inc" by Cold Creek

it's been a while and my memory is sketchy at best so I hope I won't misdirect you with the details ...

the protagonist is a teen who always been some kind of an empath, his father is dead (not sure of that) and his uncle is running the business for him while his powers are still developing

the business is about "helping" people (read programming people) for a fee and the guy finds a list of the people his father "helped" in th pas in the secret vault in his office

as said above it's been a while since I've lost it, but I think the last time I read it it was unfinished

thanks in advance for your help


Descendant of Bacchus by zazupitz?


Good Hunting, Steve


spot on


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