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Cold male protagonist.


Been away for a while and was wondering if anything new with something like a standoffish, badass male character driven story has been released. Hell, even some older ones will do. TIA

Jay Cantrell

If I may be so bold to suggest one of my own stories ... Death and a Life in Emerald Cove.

Here is the synopsis:
Bryant Hawkins was a good cop with a bad run of luck. At the lowest point of his life, he leaves his job and his home for a shot at paradise - and winds up in a bigger mess than he left behind. [Note: Codes are not reflective of character interactions. They represent thematic elements only. Readers are urged to view the Author's Note before beginning the story.]

And the link:

Be Advised: It is not a sex story and there is redemption as the story progresses.

But it might get you through until something more to your liking comes along.

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Cold male? So something with a vampire or a zombie as a main character, huh?

With the bad joke out of the way maybe Todd-d172's "Monster" will be something for you.


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@Jay Cantrell

I honestly don't care if sex is included. Thanks for the story, gonna go read it now!


Here's a few suggestions. I'm not sure if they're exactly what you're looking for:

A Master's Ring by ElSol

Pretty CAPable by Kenn Ghannon

Tom's Adventures by T-Rix

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Good story, I've read the series before though. Thanks!



Thanks, I'll get to them asap.

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