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Ex military man buys farm in hills


Noticed im missing some of my bookmarks especially one i want to reread.

Main character is ex military afganistan/irak not sure if he did tours in both or just one

Ends up bying several farms, and hires mexicans to farm them after helping several get greencards. Also starts making wine and smoking meat.

Somehow ends up running the county roadcrew or something like that.

Buys land and builds houses, and invites his brother/brotherinlaw not sure which to work for him.

Buys local tv/radio station again not sure which maybe even both.

Finds civil war gold, weapons and other items in a cave, not sure but i think he lends or donates them to a university.


I think you are looking for Recluse & Ghost by Dual Writer.



That was fast, and your absolutely right on with that guess. Thank you very much for the assistance.


He has stated on his blog that he is working on the next story about Mystery Mountain. I can't wait to read it. I don't know how many times I have reread R&G, but it's a lot.


Dual Writer stated in his blog that he had a series of mild strokes in September and does not know when he will be writing again.

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Hopefully he will recover and continue telling his stories. Otherwise I will just count myself as lucky enough to be able to read those he has posted.


In random trivia land: "bought the farm" was slang that originated from the death benefits paid out to surviving family members of fallen service members during WW1. Where it usually translated quite literally into either buying the family farm(from creditors), or obtaining a family farm(just in time for the dust bowl).

And then there is the whole "ex-military" thing.

But yeah, gave me slight laugh when I realized the OP topic could alternately be rendered as "Dead guy's estate buys farm in the hills" in that context.

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