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I'm looking for Castle in the sand by deana johns



Well, zellus replied to the wrong thread.
I remember a discussion several years ago where the consensus was that "deana johns" (a man) had taken umbrage to comments on his stories and had pulled them all, everywhere.
Whether the comments were flames or not, I simply can't remember.
Unless someone has them downloaded and is prepared to share, you are out of luck.

Replies:   madnige


Unless someone has them downloaded and is prepared to share, you are out of luck.

...or follow zellus' link to the other thread, where there are at least four different formats available

Or, you could do a quoted Google search for this exact phrase from the end of the story:

"Next time a stranger walks in, don't be so damn snooty"

At time of writing, that gets exactly one hit. If the hit has John saying that phrase to an open-mouthed woman, follow the link (and save the page), then modify the link in the obvious manner (01..13) to also get to the previous thirteen postings.

Edited to clarify pattern


Replies:   madnige


Yup, but I was trying to avoid giving a link to some guy's home directory in a university website, to minimise casual traffic. I gave enough to uniquely identify it for anybody who's willing to put in a modicum of effort, and an example of a useful technique for finding stuff when you've got something from it or something related, but now the increased traffic will probably trigger a review and get 'cmckenna' carpeted and the content expunged.


All the chapters in 20 chunks are here:

the stories have formatting gibberish at the start, but the story is in plaintext, and complete.


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