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Looking for 2 stories that I read a long time ago


looking for 2 stories

first one is about a man whose wife cheats on him with his brother and then their daughter takes their side in the divorce so the man cuts off the relationship with all of them....towards the end, the daughter(who calls them both dad) comes crying to the man about the stepdad(his brother) who committed suicide to make up for what he did

the second one is when another divorce story here the man goes to prison I think an he shows up secretly to everyone one of his childs performances and towards the end they are in a big group at the daughters wedding where she learns the truth about how her father didn't really do the things they(his exwife and others) said he did....I think it was at an wedding or an reception

any ideas would be helpful, they may or may not be the same story, not too sure

Replies:   sharkjcw

The second one is 'C'est la vie' by Denham Forrest





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