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I think it was titled Becca the Beast

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Capt. Zapp


I think it was titled Becca the Beast

That's not much to go on. Do you have any details on the plot or other characters?


It's no longer on this site, pulled by the author

Crumbly Writer

It's a good story. Sadly, I guess the author's one of many we've lost over the years due to various 'differences of opinions' on different topics.


There's a sequel to this story, "Munchkin" is the title.


Wow, fourteen years later and people are still talking about Becka and Gia. You guys don't know how flattering that is.

Yes, this is the sacwriter, and I wrote Becka the Beast, Munchkin, and Comic Book Hero, all of which were posted here and and a couple of other sites online. I really enjoyed creating those worlds and sharing them with you guys, but the truth is that real life interfered and I just plain lost the muse. I just couldn't seem to finish my last story, or to write another one, either. A few years back I pulled all copies of my stories online that I could find, hoping to start up again where I had left off and maybe self publish both series. But once again I just couldn't find the time, or the inspiration. Although now that I've retired and have time on my hands, and I find out there are still fans like you who might continue to be interested, I'm thinking I might just give it one more try.

This summer I intend to do some traveling, and one of the cities I want to visit is Vancouver, in British Columbia. That happens to be where I always intended for the next 'Becka' story to take place. So what do you guys think?



Only positive thoughts :)



Please please please continue, I love those two stories and every now and then I try to find them again!




Also I'm waiting on the acceptance email from your site, so I can read the stories again......



I kinda remember reading them, wasn't one about a guy who was a bit of a wimp who had a girl stick up for him against a bully? She was involved with a girl whose father was a material art expert. Also he manages to beat the shit out of the bullies in a toilet whilst getting a beating himself.

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That's "Munchkin", the sequel to "Becka the Beast" you're thinking of.


Sacwrier if you. Make it to vancouver and need a guide please let me know


I still have a copy of Becka the Beast but my copy of Munchkin has somehow been corrupted. Would love to see a repost somewhere.

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Not being pushy or anything, but is there any chance of 'Amanda's Eyes' ever being finished?



I loved reading Becka the Beast, but sadly Munchkin was already pulled down at the time. I would love to read it. Hope you find the time and joy in writing again. And I hope you will publish Munchkin somewhere again.



I remembered reading Becka the Beast and Munchkin very fondly, but Comic Book Hero must not have been written yet when I read them. Are you still thinking about writing more?



Not wishing too upset anyone, author included, however, few things posted online ever truly disappear.

Both Becka and Munchkin can be found here

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Chapter munchkin-11 to munchkin-epilogue is not archived.

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Chapter munchkin-11 to munchkin-epilogue is not archived.

Try here (different capture) link


Does anyone have a description of the the story with code etc? Thanks.

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by Sacwriter

A sequel to 'Becka the Beast', it's the story of Joe Munson, a student at Roosevelt High who was once one of Becka Jackson's victims when she was still lashing out as a school bully. When she learns just how badly she had destroyed his life, she and her lover Gia try to make amends.

Added the Epilogue (final)

Codes: ff slow rom teen

Posted: 2004-05-03

ETA: You can download it from http://www.beyondthefarhorizon.net

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