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Electricity quit working


It has been a while and can not remember much more about the story. The MC was bringing back stuff like air start diesels. I don't think it was on SOL think it was dead tree. Thanks Rod

Replies:   BlinkReader


It is probably something completely different (there was big solar storm - something like EMP) that nothing electrical not shielded couldn't survive, but I found it good:

It's from Stultus: "In a Secret Garden"


S M Stirling wrote a series of novels about electricity no longer working,first novel is Dies The Fire.


I remember a dead tree story from around the 80s where alien pyramids (i think) landed all over earth, then a field of some sort spread out that killed all electricity. Had to go back to using shotgun cartridges to start diesel engines, etc.

There was another one (I don't think it was the same) where they spread some sort of dust that destroyed all rotating parts. In order to keep things working they had to rig up extreme filtering and clean rooms.

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