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2nd request kind of a romantic lesdom story


The title I think is some variation on I've Had Enough, Fed Up, Can't Take Anymore, some title with that kind of meaning. That's because the MC, a strong lesbian gets completely frustrated with her friend who is a pretty, feminine straight woman who is constantly coming to her with tales of the latest man that has just screwed her over. The MC just takes her one day, I think telling her she needs to be told what to do and dominated, and breaks her reluctance with hot sex. Thanks

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Fed Up

That's the name for the merger of Federal Express and United Parcel.

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Fed Up

That's the name for the merger of Federal Express and United Parcel.

Oh Lord! If it's like most mergers, we get the worst of both sides. My apartment complex, for reason s known only to God, is not numbered properly (even number on odd side of the street), and due to some unique geometry, the spot where my number comes up on their mapping software is part of an empty field. Their normal drives known the right location, but it seems every time there is a sub or a new driver, we get to go through a two day evolution getting my package back from wherever they put it. I finally put a big sign in my front window to hopefully put an end to the problem.

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Getting slightly off topic here but I and a similar story with UPS. Over the course of several years, everything they delivered to me went to the same address one street over. Package was labeled right, street signs were clear, multiple drivers, and they swore that they didn't use mapping software in the trucks. Eventually I got in contact with the area supervisor. She said "I can't even make something up to explain that". I think they ended up putting a notice that pops up in their system with my address because it never happened again.

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