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Looking for help for my grandfather

This is my grandfathers accout and I'm posting this to see if someone here can help. See he is back in the hosptal again fighting cancer. The last times the stories helped him he said, well this time he needs them more. He cannot stay awake for long and trying to use the touch screen is not easy for him to use.
The help he needs is finding a story. he asked me to help but I'm having no luck with his bookmarks. The story is about a guy who get struck by lighting and sent back in to the body of a prince who had been kicked in the head by a horse. For a
while both are in the body but something happens and then its only him.
I hope someone will post the name for him.

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awnlee jawking


Proeliator by John Wales


I found it because the description matched a previous lost story request. :)

(Thanks to Grizz, who identified it last time)



Thanks, I forwarded it to her.

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