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Inherited Slave Story


I am looking for a story were a man inherits a slave from his brother. The slave eventually finds out her sister has also been acquired and has her master bid on her. Eventually the slave ring is busted because the girls are too young, the protagonist helps bring the slave ring down, only to start up a new one at the end of the story. Can anyone name the story for me?


Certainly seems like a story that I read it ... but I haven't
What I read with a somehow similar topic is "Lost Toys" of Redsliver ( Neal Johnstone ,a great canadian writer ) which has enchanted me with a wealthy plot and characters and a very elaborate style.
After two years of its release here on SOL I am quite surprised that no one has noticed it and commented.
Not too young characters ( well, except one ) no incest,no weird fetishes ,but a inherited slave -Sara first and few others then ,thanks to her gift of mindcontrol- magic-object.

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