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Searching a story


The story I'm looking for is about a man who tortures women for money. They find him by a secret website. His customers come to his secluded (inherited?) house in some hills in California (?) for some days. One day a rich woman sells all her possessions and comes to be his slave 24/7, hands him her money. He is reluctant at first but then he expands his business. I think he upgrades a cave on his property as a slave training area. He even trades slaves with some sheiks.
I am not sure if I read it on SOL maybe on bdsmlibrary or understories. I don't remember the title or the author. Can you help?


Sounds like something written by Morlock can be found on ASSTR at Morlock's Basement.

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That was really fast. It is "The Hotel" by Morlock. Thank you so much!




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