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looking for a story


guy meets woman goes home with her, has sex with her and her daughter. few months down he road he thinks the relationship is doing great. he's in love with the mother and daughter. he gets arrested charged with rape sexual assault child molestation (you know all the good charges guaranteed to get a guys sphincter stretched in jail). goes to court he's hurt thinks she betrayed him only to find out the whole arrest, jail and court are a sham the mother and daughter set up to show their love for him(even the judge was in on it). he gets pissed and walks out,

no sure if they get back together or he shoot himself


Two thoughts.

1) If you don't want to be charged with having sex with underage girls, don't have sex with underage girls.

2) This has to be the stupidest way of showing your love I've ever heard of. Even Van Gogh and his severed ear are like, "Seriously?"


Its a story by wc63 called unthinkable if I remember correctly. He took most of his stories down but left one or two up and said that he will be writing under a new name, that was years ago and I never did follow up to track his new name down and see what he's done since if anything.

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His last two blog entries state:

I'll now be posting work that is not primarily sex stories under Wayne Edward Clarke. I'm posting the new edition of People of the Tiger, and the sequel to that book is now available. Please read my blog under that pen name for more info about my books and their availability.



That was back in August 2010

Edit to add...
There are a couple of stories and blog entries under the new name, but not that particular story, so try the URL given.

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